Robosigned Foreclosures Continue from Citibank

Down in El Paso, at least, Citibank is continuing the foreclosure process, and continuing the robosigning process so they can skip actually checking to see that all the paperwork is done right.  This is a prime example of why robosigning cheats people out of their homes.  Managers need to be put in jail over this.

Woman Forcibly Removed from Home But Fights Eviction []

Bea Huml has been paying on her mortgage on time.  But the bank has been misapplying her payments.  Then later, was just returning her checks.  The bank is clearly at fault.  It needs to be determined who was causing this at the bank, and put them in jail.  Banks and their crooked or incompetent staff won’t stop this until the penalties start to hurt, like jail time.  And if this is approved all the way to the top, they all need to spend time in jail.

El Paso county constables are not entirely innocent, either.  Of course, they are carrying out orders from a court.  But in this case they didn’t do so well as they should have checked to see if another higher court had issued a contrary or blocking order, as a Federal court in this case had done … at least once someone told them that such an order was in place.  But they refused to do so.  They (in their county roles, not individually) should be held in contempt by the Federal court (the county paying the contempt fine for not training or directing them properly).

It would be wise for El Paso County to put a halt to all evictions that originate from any big bank foreclosure, until they do a full paperwork search through all courts to verify.

When KTSM got a comment from CitiBank, they received this response, which clearly shows total failure taking place at the bank:

“Over the past year, Citi has significantly enhanced its oversight of mortgage foreclosure law firms. These enhancements included strengthening policies and procedures, hiring dedicated resources to oversee law firm performance, and increasing the frequency and scope of Citi’s onsite law firm audit program,” said Mark Rodgers, CitiMortgage spokesperson.

He apparently would not say why these enhancements are not actually in place, and why the bank is still as incompetent as ever.

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Accident in Columbus OH – Lose Your Car

This is actually a crazy story.  But in the end, the right thing was not done by the city.

Ohio: Federal Court Says City Can Keep Seized Cars

The most crazy part is the owner of the car sued the city for $500 Billion.  That’s right, a “B”.  That very likely hurt her case.  That’s just insane.

The city does have a right and a duty to clear the streets of cars (and debris, but that’s another story).  The real issue here is whether they have a right to dispose of these cars while the owner is still in the hospital from that accident.  Apparently there is no law to protect people from greedy cities like Columbus, Ohio.

“Furthermore, plaintiff’s claims do not appear to challenge the actual seizure of her vehicle, but instead focus on her inability to regain possession of her vehicle. Plaintiff’s interest in regaining her vehicle, however, is outside the scope of the Fourth Amendment…. Plaintiff also fails to state a viable claim under the Equal Protection Clause.”

Actually, that is exactly what the plaintiff’s claim should focus on.  As just mentioned the seizure of the vehicle isn’t the issue as the city has that right and duty at an accident scene.  I don’t think any reasonable car owner wants their car left at the scene indefinitely.  Getting the car back later is the issue.  The court ruling, however, appears to be within the law, as there is no law I can find that prohibits the city from stealing the car for its own purposes.

The law needs to change.  Let’s start with Columbus, Ohio.

As for suing for $500 Billion.  That was probably intended as an attention-getter.  It appears to have succeeded.

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Corn Refiners Association Continues False TV Ads About Sugar

The big thing in their ads is that the body cannot tell the difference.  This is the big false statement.  The human body reacts differently to different kinds of sugars.  It is so different that specific kinds of sugars are pose a health risk to a great many people, and for some, it can even kill them.

Recently, the FTC denied a name change the Corn Refiners Association wanted.  This would have changed which sugar type the name “corn sugar” was applied to.  Currently, the legal meaning of “corn sugar” is for dextrose monohydrate, commonly known as glucose.

The name “corn sugar” has been a long known name for an alternative sugar for people who are intolerant of fructose, or for health reasons (like blood sugar spikes) need to avoid fructose.  What the CRA wanted to do was change the name to reference the kind of sugar that would be dangerous to these people.  It would have put this group at very serious risk since they may have used products labeled under the new definition, as if it were the old safe sugar.

But instead of acknowledging facts one can learn in basic organic chemistry class (yes, I took the class in college and learned about sugars and how they react), they want to lead the market into confusion with both a dangerous changeover of one name, and false information about sugar chemistry to the public as a whole.

Common table sugar made usually from sugarcane, or in some cases from sugar beet, is primarily the chemical sucrose.  Sucrose is a disaccharide, which is a more complex sugar consisting of two monosaccharide sugars chemically bonded.  The body processes disaccharides differently, and more slowly, than monosaccharides.

HFCS is High-fructose corn syrup.  The name is accurate because it is a syrup (24% water by definition from USDA), and it has been processed to contain a greater amount of fructose than the corn syrup normally obtained from corn with minimal processing.  Fructose is the component that is sweeter and more dangerous.  HFCS comes in three major grades, HFCS 42, HFCS 55, and HFCS 90, where the numbers represent the percentage of fructose among the sugar components.  The remaining sugar is glucose.  HFCS 55 is what is used in soft drinks.

HFCS is considered by the FDA as “generally safe”, which is a classification for food additives as an alternative to being classified as a drug, exempting it from the FFDCA rules.  But “generally safe” does not mean safe for everyone.  And it most certainly does not mean it is a good choice in a dietary sense.  While a young healthy adult would have no problems with high consumption on a regular basis, most other people would have issues with high consumption, and many even with very low consumption.  It (along with caffeine) is a culprit in young children being hyperactive (especially in the evening at bedtime).

HFCS should be consumed only in moderation (unless, of course, you are one of those people that need to avoid it altogether).  Use by diabetics should be confined to the medical regime they need to use.

The CRA needs to be shamed for their false TV advertising, or maybe even sanctioned for it.  Call your TV station and complain about this advertising and demand an equal amout of PSA time to counter it.  You might also complain to the FTC.

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You might get ripped off, but it seems that just doesn’t care.  So, until they resolve this matter, I highly recommend booking your hotel and travel somewhere else.

Read more at The Consumerist.

Not only should they have made the effort to find a new hotel for the couple, they should not have lied about the phone call costing money, and should have covered the cost due to lying.  Are these the kind of people you would want to do business with?

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Wayne County Fires Worker For Doing The Right Thing

There seems to be a real nutcase lurking somewhere in the head offices of Wayne County (Michigan) Department of Public Services.

Wayne County Worker Fired after Finding Gun on the Job [Fox 2 Detroit]

Detroit groundskeeper fired after finding loaded gun, handing it to cops [Fox News]

There’s more than one reason to get this gun out of the grass.  I don’t know exactly where this was, but at least in many places, potentially kids could get to it and a tragedy could happen.  Or the gun could have been ingested by a mowing machine and caused injury or death to any of the nearby works.  And maybe this gun was important evidence in a crime.

So what did WCDPS management want the worker to do?  Just leave it there and let the risks (greater because they are there mowing) stay?  Would they want them to just mow around the gun and leave a patch of tall grass that might attract more attention (kids wondering why that patch was left behind).  Or maybe they just wanted them to stop mowing and do nothing until the police show up, wasting taxpayer dollars?

Basically, this is a no-win situation for the worker that was fired (and the supervisor that was suspended for 30 days).  This is because the county policy is incomplete and FAILS to address this kind of situation.  I’m not going to say “heads need to roll in WCDPS management” because very possibly only one manager made this incredibly stupid decision.  So “at least one head needs to roll”.  That manager is the one that should be fired.

I’m sure quite many attorneys in Detroit City would love to take his case, some maybe for free.  That means even more taxpayer dollars lost because of an incompetent manager.

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TSA Still In Failure Mode

Why are TSA agents rude?  Why are TSA agents unable to handle people with medical conditions.  People want to know.

Diabetic teen upset with TSA screeners at Salt Lake City Airport

In this story, the TSA was asked about this and said “TSA is reviewing the passenger’s screening experience and will respond directly to the family. TSA works regularly with a broad coalition of disability and medical condition advocacy groups to help understand their needs and adapt screening procedures accordingly.”


TSA is the one that needs help to understand their needs and adapt BOTH the screening procedures AND the agent training accordingly.  And the response (without personal details) needs to be made PUBLIC.

This pattern of incompetency needs to be investigated by Congress.  It’s not just about the failures.  Mistakes can happen, and they can happen even every day.  But what we have is an agency out of control that can’t handle their mistakes properly, and persistently hires too many rude people as agents.  This needs to end. Heads at the top need to roll.

The US House of Representatives is already looking into failures of TSA with regard to security aspects of their screening program.  But TSA seems to be afraid of expert testimony and manages to get such experts removed from the witness list.

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Ice cream should be measured by weight, not volume

Ever notice how commercial ice cream has so much air in it.  Then look at the measurement on the front of the package and it only tells you the volume, not the weight.  It seems they don’t want to let you compare just how much ice cream you are getting, with other packages.

Check the nutrition facts part of the package.  It should show the weight (mass) of a single serving (and its volume, usually 1/2 cup … a tiny serving so the fat and sugar content will appear to be lower).  Just compare the weight (usually in grams) of a like sized serving.

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