I am not a member, or strictly agree with the politics, of any party.  Especially the two major US parties: Democrat or Republican.  They are both wrong, often.  They are both right, sometimes.  And scary enough, that can even happen on the same issue.  Of course, I’m speaking about “right” and “wrong” as it applies to my own political opinions.

What I find has been the case all my life is that for some issues I find that I agree with one party, and for other issues I find that I agree with the other party.  Or maybe even neither of them.  Sometimes the two big parties agree and I disagree with both of them.  Sometimes I disagree with both even when they disagree with each other.  That makes for some fun politics.

Middle of the road politics is often a balance between two sides … take a little of this and a little of that.  But I coined the phrase to describe my politics as a whole just because for some things I’m extreme to the left and for some other things I’m extreme to the right.

It’s not party politics, and it’s not just mellowing out in the center.  I’m all over the road and even off the sides sometimes.  But that’s me.


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  1. vafann says:

    I am interested in politics on a very basic level, I think it´s interesting that there is usually no common sense involved in anything, and still people take it seriously.

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