When Is The Time To Talk About Solving Mass Shootings?

Right now we have two sides talking.  It always happens after every gun related mass killing.  Everyone with an agenda has come out to talk (and a few others because of them doing the talking).  But, no one is listening.

There has not been any time to think about what happened.  People are grieving.  We all should.  But some will be for quite a while.  This is another reason to not be talking about the political issues right now.  And this is an especially tragic one because of the ages of so many victims.

At a later time (the answer to the title), let’s talk.  I suggest in about 3 months.  Then maybe we will be clear headed enough to actually come to a greater agreement on what we can do to actually reduce these kinds of things even more (they actually have been going down).  In the mean time think about the causes.  The cause of the latest one may be some time forthcoming, or even indeterminate.

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