Robosigned Foreclosures Continue from Citibank

Down in El Paso, at least, Citibank is continuing the foreclosure process, and continuing the robosigning process so they can skip actually checking to see that all the paperwork is done right.  This is a prime example of why robosigning cheats people out of their homes.  Managers need to be put in jail over this.

Woman Forcibly Removed from Home But Fights Eviction []

Bea Huml has been paying on her mortgage on time.  But the bank has been misapplying her payments.  Then later, was just returning her checks.  The bank is clearly at fault.  It needs to be determined who was causing this at the bank, and put them in jail.  Banks and their crooked or incompetent staff won’t stop this until the penalties start to hurt, like jail time.  And if this is approved all the way to the top, they all need to spend time in jail.

El Paso county constables are not entirely innocent, either.  Of course, they are carrying out orders from a court.  But in this case they didn’t do so well as they should have checked to see if another higher court had issued a contrary or blocking order, as a Federal court in this case had done … at least once someone told them that such an order was in place.  But they refused to do so.  They (in their county roles, not individually) should be held in contempt by the Federal court (the county paying the contempt fine for not training or directing them properly).

It would be wise for El Paso County to put a halt to all evictions that originate from any big bank foreclosure, until they do a full paperwork search through all courts to verify.

When KTSM got a comment from CitiBank, they received this response, which clearly shows total failure taking place at the bank:

“Over the past year, Citi has significantly enhanced its oversight of mortgage foreclosure law firms. These enhancements included strengthening policies and procedures, hiring dedicated resources to oversee law firm performance, and increasing the frequency and scope of Citi’s onsite law firm audit program,” said Mark Rodgers, CitiMortgage spokesperson.

He apparently would not say why these enhancements are not actually in place, and why the bank is still as incompetent as ever.

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