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Robosigned Foreclosures Continue from Citibank

Down in El Paso, at least, Citibank is continuing the foreclosure process, and continuing the robosigning process so they can skip actually checking to see that all the paperwork is done right.  This is a prime example of why robosigning … Continue reading

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Accident in Columbus OH – Lose Your Car

This is actually a crazy story.  But in the end, the right thing was not done by the city. Ohio: Federal Court Says City Can Keep Seized Cars The most crazy part is the owner of the car sued the … Continue reading

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Corn Refiners Association Continues False TV Ads About Sugar

The big thing in their ads is that the body cannot tell the difference.  This is the big false statement.  The human body reacts differently to different kinds of sugars.  It is so different that specific kinds of sugars are … Continue reading

Posted in Uncategorized Does Not Care About Ripping You Off

You might get ripped off, but it seems that just doesn’t care.  So, until they resolve this matter, I highly recommend booking your hotel and travel somewhere else. Read more at The Consumerist. Not only should they have made … Continue reading

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