TSA Still In Failure Mode

Why are TSA agents rude?  Why are TSA agents unable to handle people with medical conditions.  People want to know.

Diabetic teen upset with TSA screeners at Salt Lake City Airport

In this story, the TSA was asked about this and said “TSA is reviewing the passenger’s screening experience and will respond directly to the family. TSA works regularly with a broad coalition of disability and medical condition advocacy groups to help understand their needs and adapt screening procedures accordingly.”


TSA is the one that needs help to understand their needs and adapt BOTH the screening procedures AND the agent training accordingly.  And the response (without personal details) needs to be made PUBLIC.

This pattern of incompetency needs to be investigated by Congress.  It’s not just about the failures.  Mistakes can happen, and they can happen even every day.  But what we have is an agency out of control that can’t handle their mistakes properly, and persistently hires too many rude people as agents.  This needs to end. Heads at the top need to roll.

The US House of Representatives is already looking into failures of TSA with regard to security aspects of their screening program.  But TSA seems to be afraid of expert testimony and manages to get such experts removed from the witness list.

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