Another reason I will boycott the Olympics

It’s now clear to me that the Olympics is just about money, not athletics anymore.  And this is so sad.

World’s largest McDonald’s: A big ad for obesity, say British doctors

And it’s more than just the symbolism for obesity supported by an organization that should be fighting it.  It’s about the exclusivity.  If we are going to get fat at the Olympics, we should have a choice.  What they should be doing is leasing out space for as much money as they can, to whoever is willing to lease it.  Let people have a choice.  And maybe one of those choices won’t be as bad for you (like maybe Subway).

And they are going to have a McDonalds in the athletic village, too?  How utterly sad.

I would also like to boycott McDonalds for this, too.  But I can’t because I already avoid the fools gold arches just because of the junk they sell.  Same for Coca-Cola.

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3 Responses to Another reason I will boycott the Olympics

  1. Hey Motre, how you doing? Long time no talk. The only thing I eat from McDonalds is the wraps. I like your new posts, they are much shorter. Just wanted to pop in and say Hey!

    • motre says:

      If I need a wrap, I head over to Honest To Goodness Salsa Cafe (take out the spaces and add .com for the website) and get a Chicken Spinach Bean Burrito. They have regular wraps, too.

      I’ll write some longer posts again, soon. I need to find a theme or setting where I can trim the posts in the main blog page and let people follow a “read more” link to the full post.

  2. Oh, my old name was imisstheolddays, sorry if your confused.

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