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Wayne County Fires Worker For Doing The Right Thing

There seems to be a real nutcase lurking somewhere in the head offices of Wayne County (Michigan) Department of Public Services. Wayne County Worker Fired after Finding Gun on the Job [Fox 2 Detroit] Detroit groundskeeper fired after finding loaded … Continue reading

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TSA Still In Failure Mode

Why are TSA agents rude?  Why are TSA agents unable to handle people with medical conditions.  People want to know. Diabetic teen upset with TSA screeners at Salt Lake City Airport In this story, the TSA was asked about this … Continue reading

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Ice cream should be measured by weight, not volume

Ever notice how commercial ice cream has so much air in it.  Then look at the measurement on the front of the package and it only tells you the volume, not the weight.  It seems they don’t want to let … Continue reading

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Another reason I will boycott the Olympics

It’s now clear to me that the Olympics is just about money, not athletics anymore.  And this is so sad. World’s largest McDonald’s: A big ad for obesity, say British doctors And it’s more than just the symbolism for obesity … Continue reading

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