TSA, Again – Has Some Explaining To Do

Here we go again.  Over on The Consumerist site is another story about yet another TS failure involving a child.  This time the TSA believes the officers followed proper procedures.  However, the TSA web site explains something entirely different.  So either the TSA spokesperson was not really aware of the situation, or something is serious wrong with that agency.

According to this page at the TSA web site:

Security officers will approach children gently and treat them with respect. If a child becomes uncomfortable or upset, security officers will consult parents about the best way to relieve the child’s concern.

That is not what happened according to the story.  A crying child is certainly a form of being upset.  This should be obvious.  But some TSO apparently didn’t get it and proceeded to make things worse.  And continued on when the child and mother were taken to another room.

And about the TSO that threatened to shut down the entire airport?  This kind of thing should never be used as a threat mechanism.  Either he believes the airport is at risk and does so (shuts it down), or does not believe so (and does not shut it down).  Making threats along these lines is completely misappropriate because a difference in action as ordered in this case has no bearing, whatsoever, on whether the airport is or is not at risk.

I’ll let you read the accompany Consumerist story and the Facebook story linked from there to make your own judgment of how appropriate or inappropriate the officers’ actions were.  Eventually a manger with some clearer thinking got things on the right track.  But there’s something wrong if the officers cannot do things right on their own.  Training?  Maybe.  But I’m very concerned about what the agency said to The Consumerist.  Security is certainly important.  But not this way.  The TSA spokesperson that characterized the officers’ actions as appropriate, when they were clearly in conflict with the TSA web page given, has some explaining to do.

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