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New Jersey made a mistake!

Oh heavens no!  Tell me it ain’t so!  A state agency making a mistake? Of course we know state government agencies make mistakes all the time.  And federal government agencies do, too.  But in this case, how do we know … Continue reading

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Text spam joins telemarketing

Text spam has joined telemarketing as the things about phone service that everyone hates.  Everyone except the telemarketers and spammers, that is. Mobile Spam Texts Hit 4.5 Billion Raising Consumer Ire [BloombergBusinessWeek] What’s worse is that so much telemarketing has, … Continue reading

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Here we go again – TSA a third time

Newark Airport terminal shut after baby goes through checkpoint unscreened It seems the TSA still doesn’t “get it”.  First, they made a serious error by not checking the baby.  In theory, if this were a terrorist family, mom could have … Continue reading

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CISPA is Wrong for Security

The Republican controlled House passed its version of the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) bill yesterday.  This was, however, a bipartisan vote.  That means some members of both parties (28 Republicans, 140 Democrats) have a clue, while more … Continue reading

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TSA – Two In A Row

Keep it up, TSA, and I’ll have to make a separate blog just for your antics.  We have another case of TSA officers (TSOs) having no clue about the TSA policies published on their own web site … and a … Continue reading

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TSA, Again – Has Some Explaining To Do

Here we go again.  Over on The Consumerist site is another story about yet another TS failure involving a child.  This time the TSA believes the officers followed proper procedures.  However, the TSA web site explains something entirely different.  So … Continue reading

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I will not be watching the Olympics

I hereby boycott watching the Olympics. They have just gotten way too commercialized.  And the TV coverage is lousy, usually due to the delays.  I prefer to see things live, even if that means waking at 3 AM.  But that … Continue reading

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