TSA afraid of expert testimony

Bruce Schneier is one of the nation’s top, if not the top, security expert in the country.  For today’s US House hearing to examine TSA security initiatives, the TSA managed to get Congress to remove Schneier from the witness list.

Schneier is a well known and long time critic of TSA.  The TSA has objected due to Schneier being a part of the EPIC v. DHS legal case.  Schneier also writes a very widely read blog/newsletter about security and its failures.

Congress, however, needs to hear from all sides, and have a wide ranging input to make decisions.  I do not believe that by having an ongoing case, one party should be prohibited from testifying from Congress while the other party is allowed.  If a civil case bears on the input Congress needs, then to be fair, all TSA representatives need to also be prohibited.  Of course, that would make for a senseless hearing.  American Citizens need a fair and balanced debate on this, and it isn’t so if one side gets to tip the balance.

Congress needs to bring Bruce Schneier in to be heard.  And this hearing without TSA being present.

Disclaimer: I am a regular reader of Bruce Schneier’s blog for many years.  It has been of value in my work through multiple jobs.

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3 Responses to TSA afraid of expert testimony

  1. How did the TSA get him off the witness list? Are they keeping their reasoning for the decision quiet?

  2. Are you for or against the “pat downs?” I am for them, because it makes me feel much safer.

  3. motre says:

    They contacted someone in Congress and convinced them that because he part of an ongoing legal case (EPIC v. DHS) that he should not be allowed to speak, with regard to the fact that TSA is also involved in an ongoing legal case (really, this should not matter). Read his blog about it.

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