My politics

I am not a member, or strictly agree with the politics, of any party.  Especially the two major US parties: Democrat or Republican.  They are both wrong, often.  They are both right, sometimes.  And scary enough, that can even happen on the same issue.  Of course, I’m speaking about “right” and “wrong” as it applies to my own political opinions.

What I find has been the case all my life is that for some issues I find that I agree with one party, and for other issues I find that I agree with the other party.  Or maybe even neither of them.  Sometimes the two big parties agree and I disagree with both of them.  Sometimes I disagree with both even when they disagree with each other.  That makes for some fun politics.

Middle of the road politics is often a balance between two sides … take a little of this and a little of that.  But I coined the phrase to describe my politics as a whole just because for some things I’m extreme to the left and for some other things I’m extreme to the right.

It’s not party politics, and it’s not just mellowing out in the center.  I’m all over the road and even off the sides sometimes.  But that’s me.

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2 Responses to My politics

  1. Yes, I can see both sides of some issues, but just to give you a quick overview:

    For: De-regulation. I believe our federal, state and local governments have too many regulations that are hurting the economy and job market.
    Aganist: Federal government controlling or monitoring heathcare; except in the case of children
    For: All children having heathcare
    Against: Allowing people to stay on welfare for their whole life – ridiculous
    For: The right to bear arms
    For: I believe we should fully support our national defense and borders to prevent terrorism. I don’t believe we should even have a budget to try to stop people from carrying bombs from Mexico to the United States.
    For:Immagrants required to have a green card to stay in the United States. They are taking American jobs.
    Congress is not doing enough to stop HUMAN TRAFFICKING! It is becoming a huge “secret” problem in the United States and even in my State. Why is congress not addressing this problem? They just keep ignoring it, as if it will go away.
    -Most of the people harmed by human trafficking are immagrants, that’s the worst part!

    Thats my two cents for the day. Nice blog…Keep writing. See my site for my recent pics from my visit to D.C. this month.

    • motre says:

      Thanks for the comment. You and I do not agree on some issues. But that’s the way things should be. The public policy and political discourse should allow for that. But far too often the (effectively) two party system expects us to line up entirely on this side or that side.

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